Home Cleanliness and Pets


Is it possible to have a clean home with pets coexisting indoors? With some knowledge and help from experienced friends, coexistence in a clean home is possible. You can get some more info on a Alexandria VA Carpet Cleaners site as well on home health care and your carpets impact.

– Clean Homes Are Vital For People and Pets
Few pets have coats that do not shed or leave dander in carpets and on upholstery. A healthy clean home protects both your family and pets. Regular cleaning eliminates the health dangers from mold, mildew and pests brought into your home by a pet.

– Furniture and Carpeting for Living With Pets
Get a head start on maintaining a healthy home. Ensure your floor coverings and upholstery are conducive to easy cleaning. They should also be resistant to the stains, smells and wear that come from pets living indoors.

– Upholstery And Bedding Materials
The best modern materials for pet-friendly upholstery are stain and odor resistant. They are either synthetic or produced using new microfiber materials. Top quality leather is also a good choice if your pets have had claws trimmed. The great thing about leather is that even scratches look good. All bedding in your home should be washable to avoid the need for repeated replacement or expensive dry cleaning.

– Floor Coverings For Homes With Pets
Carpets are great for a home, but also need more frequent amounts of proper cleaning. If your home has wall to wall carpet you should have professional cleaning done on a regular basis. The best type of carpet for pets has a low pile because the inevitable pet caused accidents will be easier to remove and clean. Any type of carpet with material loops that are continuous are an accident waiting to happen.

The best pet-friendly floors are those that are hard surface. That does not mean you must spend a fortune on hardwood flooring. There are many modern hard surface floor coverings that are not made of wood. Ceramic tile or polished natural stone are easy to keep clean and almost completely scratch resistant.

Pet Health and Maintenance
Taking care of your pet, with regular bathings and grooming is also an integral part of having a clean, healthy home. The cleaner and healthier your pet, the easier it will be to keep the home clean. Providing your pet with small toys will keep them from playing with other things in the home, like your furniture.  Click Here for a: Furniture Store in Missoula MT to get some info on new furniture if you need it.

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Top five features of a quality carpet cleaning company


Your home is the one place where you spend the most of your time. It is your own piece of heaven that you want to beautify in every aspect possible. This starting with the floors. Can you just imagine having that perfect shade of beige carpet you have been looking for with the soft texture allowing your feet to sink into it as you walk? Finding the perfect carpet for your home can be hard, and it is even harder to keep that carpet clean! That is why finding a quality carpet cleaning company is extremely important.  Chris’s Carpet Cleaning in Tulsa OK is a great example of a quality company.

A carpet cleaning company may be offering a good deal; however could have no idea what they are doing. Remember you are letting this company into your little slice of heaven!

One of the key aspects to look for in a good carpet company is one that guarantees their service in writing! If they are confident in their equipment and technicians than they will put it in writing to ensure that no corners are cut on your carpet when it comes to cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is the next best thing to heaviness.

A legit company that offers a written guarantee is liable to attract more customers, and more customers should mean more references. If they are of good quality then they should leave many of their customers with smiling faces and fresh crisp carpets. Check the references of your carpet cleaning company. A quality company should have several positive references from past clients.

Ensure that when researching your carpet service you ask are they a member of Ethical Services? It is important for the carpet cleaning service to have a good reputation. With good references from past clients and on the hire list of Ethical Services then you are sure to have a qualified company to enter your home!

Another thing to look for in a qualified service is one with insured technicians. This is extremely important considering they are entering your home to perform their job. You do not want one of the technicians getting hurt in your home, and you be held liable. Prevent this from happening by asking just in case a situation was to arise.

When looking for a qualified carpet cleaning company is customer service. It is important that the staff be courteous of your concerns and willing to address any question that you may have. A seasoned and quality company should be confident in their company and staff. They will have nothing to hide.

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Why It’s Important to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Every 6 Months


The importance of carpet cleaning is has never been more significant, as allergens, and dirt creep into our homes on a daily basis. Cleaning a carpet is more than just running the vacuum cleaner over it to pick up the little particles that are visible to the eye, but rather there are many things that hide in a carpet that we can not see. We may not realize all the little symptoms that are caused by a dirty carpet as they affect us in different ways such as sneezing, coughing, itching, and eye irritation. Depending on your lifestyle, other things such as pet dander and smoking, and dust brought in on a windy day also penetrate into the carpet. Many of these particles and dust mites are not visible so we tend to believe that are carpets are clean.

Cleaning a carpet every six months is very important to avoid health risks caused by dirt and contaminants that hide in carpets. Mold can also hide in carpeting and cause allergies and breathing problems. Today, we can find many professional carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices. A Professional can best advice us if they see any problems within the carpet or recommend the best cleaning solutions for any problems. And because we don’t always own the best equipment to do a good carpet cleaning job ourselves, professionals are always equipped with the best equipment to do the job right. We can be rest assured that the equipment they use is made specifically for heavy duty jobs as well as for shampooing and deodorizing. With the little time we have, we can depend on professional carpet technicians to leave our carpet clean, sanitized, and fresh all in a few hours.

It is always nice to know that your family is living in a healthy environment free of pollutants living in a dirty carpet. Children tend to drop things on the floor and pick them up without thinking or realizing that a carpet is dirty. And it is always fun to know that we can sit on a clean carpet an watch tv if we wish. Carpeting is a very popular addition to any home, and look beautiful throughout, but only when there are no food or dirt stains visible to the eye. And better yet knowing you have a professionally cleaned carpet can help you be rest assured that your family is healthy and free of allergens.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Contact us at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners today to learn how technicians can use industrial-strength extraction machines to lift debris such as food stains and pet hair from carpets. While at your home, ask us about making repairs to carpets that have damage such as snags or rips.

We use an innovative cleaning process on carpets and rugs to suction dirt and moisture quickly to avoid damp fibers that cause an odor. Fast cleaning and drying of carpeting allows our customers to begin walking on the surfaces immediately.

Many carpet cleaning companies do not have technicians with training in repairs. However, at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners, we provide multiple services to make our customer’s lives easier. Instead of needing to call two businesses to clean and repair a carpet, you only need to call us.

Our technicians use eco-friendly and nontoxic cleaning products on carpet fibers before beginning the repair process with heavy-duty sewing machines to stitch rips and edging.

Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners offers a full line of services to make floor coverings look brand-new. In addition to removing debris located deep within a wall-to-wall carpet’s fibers, we can eliminate pet stains and odors. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have a home’s carpets repaired and cleaned the same day.

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