5 Tips to Keeping Your Rugs Healthy and Lasting Longer


Home decoration is incomplete without rugs. They represent a substantial investment since quality rugs cost several hundred dollars to thousands depending on the size and type. Regardless of the costs, we all want our carpets to look healthy and long lasting. Here are some tips that can keep your rugs looking healthy for a long time.
1. Regular VacuumingFrequent vacuuming helps remove dirt and soil particles, especially in high traffic areas. It is important to consult an expert to acquire a quality vacuum cleaner best suited for your rug. Vacuuming helps prevent accumulation of dirt between the rug fibers and separation of carpet yarn tufts. For best results, you should vacuum high traffic areas daily, medium traffic areas twice a week and light traffic areas once a week.2. Use Carpet ProtectorsIn addition to regular vacuuming, you should invest in a good carpet protector with the help of a professional in carpet care and maintenance. Carpet protector reduces permanent stains by allowing removal of spots and spillage with less effort by using water instead of expensive detergents.

3. Hiring Professional Cleaners

Carpets require professional cleaning at least once a year. Professional cleaners are experienced in their field, and they provide intensive carpet cleaning that requires more than just vacuuming. They also help to maintain the carpet fibers located at the bottom. It is recommended that you seek services from established cleaning companies.

4. Remove Stains Quickly

The longer you leave the stain on the carpet, the more the damage. Therefore, you should remove the stain before it dries to increase the rug’s lifetime. If you are having difficulty removing it completely, then consult an expert immediately to spot -clean the stained area with the right electrolyzed solution. This helps in targeting and lifting tough stains, leaving your carpet spotless.

5. Use Approved Detergents

A variety of household cleaning products sold in stores can have damaging effects on your carpet. Some can permanently cause discoloration, destroying your rug. Rugs made from natural fibers, like wool or cotton, are usually more sensitive to harsh chemicals found in some cleaning products. To avoid the damage, you can consult a professional to assist you in choosing the best brand that suits your carpet needs.

Other tips include the use of floor mats, especially at the entrance, wearing clean socks, creating a cleanup station and upholstery cleaning. Proper care and maintenance of rugs reduces expenses used in buying new rugs or fixing damaged ones.

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3 Home Health Benefits to Carpet Cleaning


In today’s fast paced world, we sometimes need help getting our homes and carpets clean. Time goes by, and dirt and germs pile up on our floors. Having a clean carpet in your home is a good way to prevent health issues, and improve your perceptions of your home. Professional carpet cleaners come highly recommended to ensure a deep clean of your home’s carpets.

When you clean your carpets, first of all, you are getting rid of all of the germs and bacteria that have been brought into the house from outside. This helps to prevent unwanted germs from lingering inside your house. A good carpet cleaning service is the best option to go with when considering getting your carpets cleaned. It’s much better to go with a professional carpet cleaning service that knows how to get those carpets extra clean and free of germs.

Second of all, when you clean the carpets in your home, you are clearing out the dust and debris that become particles that eventually get lifted into the air. Cleaning the carpets in your home can reduce the amount of dust in the air dramatically. Carpet cleaning services get the most dust out of the carpet as possible. They will remove all of the dust, unwanted dirt, and debris from your carpeted floors. The air will be cleaner, and you will be able to breate better in your home with a professionally cleaned carpet.

Third, when your carpet is clean, you just feel better. Your home just feels cleaner. This can improve your mood, and from a psychological perspective, you feel better. Home feels more comfortable and clean, and this can affect your mood positively. When a professional carpet cleaning service cleans your carpets, you can be assured that not only will the carpets be actually way cleaner than before, but they will look cleaner. The appearance of your home affects your mood, and having a clean carpet can help you feel good about your home.

Overall, having a clean carpet can make you have a healthier and happier lifestyle. Choosing a trusted professional is definitely the way to go to ensure a deep and thorough cleaning of your carpets. Your carpets will look and feel just like new. Do not hesitate to contact a professional to come to your home and get your carpets back in perfect shape. Do it right the first time, and contact a professional today.

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Health and Flooring


You may be wondering about which is better for your home and your family’s health, carpet or hardwood. Well, only you can make that choice, but here are some things for your to consider about each. Both carpet and hardwood can be beautiful, but there are some drawbacks.
Carpets are often treated with chemicals which makes new carpets that have not had the chance to air-out a potential health hazard.

Carpets should always be unrolled for a number of days or a week to help the chemicals to begin to dispel. Also, if there is a spill, carpets and their underneath carpet pads can become damp and grow mold and mildew. This is not the healthiest environment. Dust mites are also a potential issue as they can become stuck in the fibers. Cleaning is also a potential detriment to young children with the threat of Hashimoto’s disease if they are on wet, freshly cleaned carpet due to the chemicals. Dirt can also become trapped in carpet fibers and cause havoc for allergy sufferers.  More Info:  http://rochestercarpetcare.com/

Hardwood, on the other hand, can be slippery after cleaning. Many is the person who has slipped and gotten a goose egg to the head after accidentally slipping on freshly polished hardwood floors. Also, as hardwood wears, it can become scraped, dented, warped, or damaged, and this can make the flooring uneven and a tripping hazard.

Health benefits of carpet may include its cushioning for tumbles of little ones playing or just learning to walk, and health benefits of hardwood include a solid base for one’s footing when not slippery. The hardwood floor can also be beneficial for the health of those who suffer from allergies to dust or pet fur that can become trapped in carpeting. Hardwood floors can be cleaned with natural cleaners that will take away the concern about toxic chemicals that one might have when carpets are commercially or residential cleaned.

The benefits and drawbacks are considerable in evaluating carpet versus hardwood in regard to health. What is most important is that each family evaluate their needs for their flooring in various spaces. How will the space be used? Will small children be roaming the space? How often and with what will the flooring be cleaned? Are there any family members with allergies or stability issues? Both carpet and hardwood offer beauty, but their impact on family health should be taken into account.

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Five Things You Need to Know When Shopping for New Carpet


1)  You will most likely have a seam, what is important to know is what texture would work best with a seam and what colors will cover seams the best and which ones won’t. Also ask if the backing will show when carpeting your stairs. You don’t want to see the backing when the carpet bends on the curves and corners.

2)  When you are deciding on a color of carpet, know that carpet looks a lighter color when it is laid down than when you look at it in a carpet book sample, also, darker colors make a room look smaller, so you might want to consider that a lighter color may be a better choice. Also consider that a neutral color is easier to match with furniture, decorations, pictures, or any kind of decorating…  Carpet Stores

3)  Even though you may not want to spend a huge amount of money on carpet, you might want to reconsider, because cheap carpet doesn’t last or wear well. Carpet is an investment that improves the look of your home and increases its value. Also, think about stain protection, it is a natural fact that eventually something will get spilled. You can get warranty on your carpet or you can get protection for your carpet, but keep in mind, better quality carpet holds up to stains and cleaning much better. You should also seriously consider getting a good quality cushion under your carpet. Nothing feels better than walking on carpet that has that soft, cushy, comfy feeling when you walk on it. The better the padding, the better the cushion and comfort, it also helps the carpet look better and last longer. Don’t worry about the color of padding, no one sees it.

4)  It is also a good idea to find out exactly what the warranty is on the carpet you are getting. You want to know what kind of coverage you can expect to cover the carpet. You want to always protect what you have sunk your good hard earned money into. You don’t want to be let down or have problems later on down the line.

5)  Cost of your carpet per square foot is not the only thing you need to know. There are other expenses involved like pulling up the old carpet, cleaning the floor or preparing it for laying down the new carpet, moving of furniture, the padding, delivery, additional materials to install, and actual installation. Ask for the TOTAL COST of the whole project of installing the carpet in your home. Ask if they do New Orleans carpet cleaning or stain removal services and if they offer discounts for the future.

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Which is Healthier, Carpet or Hardwood Floors?


There is some debate on the carpet vs. hardwood floors and which one is better. How do they match up when it comes to our health? Both have drawbacks and certainly have their own unique benefits.
Benefits of Carpeting
To begin with, carpet assists in keeping a room warm – literally and figuratively. Carpet keeps a home warm in the winter months by providing a protective layer between our feet and the cold concrete foundation. Blending with the décor of a room carpeting can enhance the overall feel of a room providing comfort to all who enter. That soft floor covering traps dust, pollen and other allergens acting as a filter and removing them from the air. A benefit for asthma and allergy sufferers. Carpet Cleaning Lancaster PA
Extra benefits include reducing noise by acting as a sound barrier. A thicker padding further reduces the sounds echoing through a home. Should you fall, the carpet may cushion your landing.
Regular cleaning will minimize, if not eliminate, the build-up of dust mites, fungi and other harmful substances that could accumulate deep in the carpet.
Benefits to Hardwood Flooring
Easy cleaning is the most common benefit to hardwood floors. All it takes is a broom, dustpan and a mop.
The option of placing a rug on the floor will assist in noise reduction. A rug also changes the esthetic look to a room. A huge plus is the ability to change the color, style and location of any room enhancing rug. This isn’t much of an option with carpet, unless you really want to go through the expense and hassle just to change the floor color.
Hardwood floors, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime. The overall return on investment is much higher for hardwood floors than it is for its fibrous counterpart. Now if you are more into acoustics, then this is a better option.
The solid flooring also enhances indoor air quality. There are no fibers to trap dust, dander, allergens and other particles beneath the feet.
Although slips and falls may be more likely with the smoother surface of hardwood floors, liquids, stains and dirt are easier to clean with just a broom or mop. Added bonus, this flooring is easier to repair, often without the hassle of a complete replacement.
Both carpet and hardwood floors provide some sort of health benefits. The benefits they provide you depend on your personal preference and lifestyle.

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Home Cleanliness and Pets


Is it possible to have a clean home with pets coexisting indoors? With some knowledge and help from experienced friends, coexistence in a clean home is possible.
– Clean Homes Are Vital For People and Pets
Few pets have coats that do not shed or leave dander in carpets and on upholstery. A healthy clean home protects both your family and pets. Regular cleaning eliminates the health dangers from mold, mildew and pests brought into your home by a pet.- Furniture and Carpeting for Living With Pets
Get a head start on maintaining a healthy home. Ensure your floor coverings and upholstery are conducive to easy cleaning. They should also be resistant to the stains, smells and wear that come from pets living indoors.  Carpet Cleaning Reviews Lancaster PA
– Upholstery And Bedding Materials
The best modern materials for pet-friendly upholstery are stain and odor resistant. They are either synthetic or produced using new microfiber materials. Top quality leather is also a good choice if your pets have had claws trimmed. The great thing about leather is that even scratches look good. All bedding in your home should be washable to avoid the need for repeated replacement or expensive dry cleaning.- Floor Coverings For Homes With Pets
Carpets are great for a home, but also need more frequent amounts of proper cleaning. If your home has wall to wall carpet you should have professional cleaning done on a regular basis. The best type of carpet for pets has a low pile because the inevitable pet caused accidents will be easier to remove and clean. Any type of carpet with material loops that are continuous are an accident waiting to happen.

The best pet-friendly floors are those that are hard surface. That does not mean you must spend a fortune on hardwood flooring. There are many modern hard surface floor coverings that are not made of wood. Ceramic tile or polished natural stone are easy to keep clean and almost completely scratch resistant.

Pet Health and Maintenance
Taking care of your pet, with regular bathings and grooming is also an integral part of having a clean, healthy home. The cleaner and healthier your pet, the easier it will be to keep the home clean. Providing your pet with small toys will keep them from playing with other things in the home, like your furniture.

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Top five features of a quality carpet cleaning company


Your home is the one place where you spend the most of your time. It is your own piece of heaven that you want to beautify in every aspect possible. This starting with the floors. Can you just imagine having that perfect shade of beige carpet you have been looking for with the soft texture allowing your feet to sink into it as you walk? Finding the perfect carpet for your home can be hard, and it is even harder to keep that carpet clean! That is why finding a quality carpet cleaning company is extremely important.

A carpet cleaning company may be offering a good deal; however could have no idea what they are doing. Remember you are letting this company into your little slice of heaven!

One of the key aspects to look for in a good carpet company is one that guarantees their service in writing! If they are confident in their equipment and technicians than they will put it in writing to ensure that no corners are cut on your carpet when it comes to cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is the next best thing to heaviness.A legit company that offers a written guarantee is liable to attract more customers, and more customers should mean more references. If they are of good quality then they should leave many of their customers with smiling faces and fresh crisp carpets. Check the references of your carpet cleaning company. A quality company should have several positive references from past clients.

Ensure that when researching your carpet service you ask are they a member of Ethical Services? It is important for the carpet cleaning service to have a good reputation. With good references from past clients and on the hire list of Ethical Services then you are sure to have a qualified company to enter your home!

Another thing to look for in a qualified service is one with insured technicians. This is extremely important considering they are entering your home to perform their job. You do not want one of the technicians getting hurt in your home, and you be held liable. Prevent this from happening by asking just in case a situation was to arise.

When looking for a qualified carpet cleaning company is customer service. It is important that the staff be courteous of your concerns and willing to address any question that you may have. A seasoned and quality company should be confident in their company and staff. They will have nothing to hide.  Check Out: http://wizardcarpetcare.com/

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Why It’s Important to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Every 6 Months


The importance of carpet cleaning is has never been more significant, as allergens, and dirt creep into our homes on a daily basis. Cleaning a carpet is more than just running the vacuum cleaner over it to pick up the little particles that are visible to the eye, but rather there are many things that hide in a carpet that we can not see. We may not realize all the little symptoms that are caused by a dirty carpet as they affect us in different ways such as sneezing, coughing, itching, and eye irritation. Depending on your lifestyle, other things such as pet dander and smoking, and dust brought in on a windy day also penetrate into the carpet. Many of these particles and dust mites are not visible so we tend to believe that are carpets are clean.

Cleaning a carpet every six months is very important to avoid health risks caused by dirt and contaminants that hide in carpets. Mold can also hide in carpeting and cause allergies and breathing problems. Today, we can find many professional carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices. A Professional can best advice us if they see any problems within the carpet or recommend the best cleaning solutions for any problems. And because we don’t always own the best equipment to do a good carpet cleaning job ourselves, professionals are always equipped with the best equipment to do the job right. We can be rest assured that the equipment they use is made specifically for heavy duty jobs as well as for shampooing and deodorizing. With the little time we have, we can depend on professional carpet technicians to leave our carpet clean, sanitized, and fresh all in a few hours.

It is always nice to know that your family is living in a healthy environment free of pollutants living in a dirty carpet. Children tend to drop things on the floor and pick them up without thinking or realizing that a carpet is dirty. And it is always fun to know that we can sit on a clean carpet an watch tv if we wish. Carpeting is a very popular addition to any home, and look beautiful throughout, but only when there are no food or dirt stains visible to the eye. And better yet knowing you have a professionally cleaned carpet can help you be rest assured that your family is healthy and free of allergens.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Contact us at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners today to learn how technicians can use industrial-strength extraction machines to lift debris such as food stains and pet hair from carpets. While at your home, ask us about making repairs to carpets that have damage such as snags or rips.

We use an innovative cleaning process on carpets and rugs to suction dirt and moisture quickly to avoid damp fibers that cause an odor. Fast cleaning and drying of carpeting allows our customers to begin walking on the surfaces immediately.

Many carpet cleaning companies do not have technicians with training in repairs. However, at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners, we provide multiple services to make our customer’s lives easier. Instead of needing to call two businesses to clean and repair a carpet, you only need to call us.

Our technicians use eco-friendly and nontoxic cleaning products on carpet fibers before beginning the repair process with heavy-duty sewing machines to stitch rips and edging.

Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners offers a full line of services to make floor coverings look brand-new. In addition to removing debris located deep within a wall-to-wall carpet’s fibers, we can eliminate pet stains and odors. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have a home’s carpets repaired and cleaned the same day.

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