10 Tips On Hiring A Professional Window Washer

1. Decide if you want to go big, or small. There are small business window washers that operate on a handy man level, and professional services that are meant for bigger buildings and seamless service. Decide what is better for your options.2. Have an interview with the window washer first. Make sure you can get along with the window washer and that they seem reliable and dependable.3. Set a date for the window washer to come and wait to see how fast your windows get dirty. Instead of setting unnecessary appointments before you know how fast your windows will dirty, keep an eye on it after the first wash, then set up a schedule.

4. Decide on a payment agreement before scheduling the first washing. It is good for all parties to be aware of what they expect to be paid and when.

5. Make sure you are comfortable with what the window washing company uses. Some eco friendly businesses may prefer vinegar and hot water, while other companies may use a chemical mix. Ask them if they can work with your specific requests.

6. Be sure the window washing company has experience with all types of windows. Some store fronts with large pane glass only require a squeegee. Some homes with smaller windows require smaller squeegee and rags.

7. Be sure the washing company comes out for a consultation to thoroughly inspect all the types of windows they will be washing on premises so they come prepared for the job.

8. Incorporate the window washer into the day in a timely manner. If it is a small business, have them come early in the morning before opening hours as to not distract shoppers. Shoppers want to see a sparkling facade, and will not feel comfortable entering while exterior cleaning is in process.

9. If the window washer is coming to the home, make sure to schedule them before holidays, after storms, and during quiet months when having them in and around the home will not be an inconvenience or distraction.

10. After the job is done be sure to inspect the windows before the window washer leaves to be sure that the job you are paying for has been thoroughly accomplished. If there are any spots missed or issues need to be addressed, be sure to do it at the end of the appointment before payment ensues.

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