5 Tips to Keeping Your Rugs Healthy and Lasting Longer


Home decoration is incomplete without rugs. They represent a substantial investment since quality rugs cost several hundred dollars to thousands depending on the size and type. Regardless of the costs, we all want our carpets to look healthy and long lasting. Here are some tips that can keep your rugs looking healthy for a long time.
1. Regular VacuumingFrequent vacuuming helps remove dirt and soil particles, especially in high traffic areas. It is important to consult an expert to acquire a quality vacuum cleaner best suited for your rug. Vacuuming helps prevent accumulation of dirt between the rug fibers and separation of carpet yarn tufts. For best results, you should vacuum high traffic areas daily, medium traffic areas twice a week and light traffic areas once a week.2. Use Carpet ProtectorsIn addition to regular vacuuming, you should invest in a good carpet protector with the help of a professional in carpet care and maintenance. Carpet protector reduces permanent stains by allowing removal of spots and spillage with less effort by using water instead of expensive detergents.

3. Hiring Professional Cleaners

Carpets require professional cleaning at least once a year. Professional cleaners are experienced in their field, and they provide intensive carpet cleaning that requires more than just vacuuming. They also help to maintain the carpet fibers located at the bottom. It is recommended that you seek services from established cleaning companies.

4. Remove Stains Quickly

The longer you leave the stain on the carpet, the more the damage. Therefore, you should remove the stain before it dries to increase the rug’s lifetime. If you are having difficulty removing it completely, then consult an expert immediately to spot -clean the stained area with the right electrolyzed solution. This helps in targeting and lifting tough stains, leaving your carpet spotless.

5. Use Approved Detergents

A variety of household cleaning products sold in stores can have damaging effects on your carpet. Some can permanently cause discoloration, destroying your rug. Rugs made from natural fibers, like wool or cotton, are usually more sensitive to harsh chemicals found in some cleaning products. To avoid the damage, you can consult a professional to assist you in choosing the best brand that suits your carpet needs.

Other tips include the use of floor mats, especially at the entrance, wearing clean socks, creating a cleanup station and upholstery cleaning. Proper care and maintenance of rugs reduces expenses used in buying new rugs or fixing damaged ones.

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