All About An Oriental Rug


Many people love the look in the feel that Oriental rugs can bring to their home. There are different types of rugs that can be purchased, but there are some very unique characters about Oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are called “Oriental” because they are hand knotted in Asia. The countries that make these type of rugs are the following: Tibet, Nepal, Persia, Iran, China, India, Turkey and Russia. Oriental rugs generally have a big variety when it comes to color, design, and size. They are all unique in the way that they are produced. The following are some general varieties of oriental rugs: Northwest Persian, Tabriz, Chinese, Amritsar , Kurdish, North Indian, and Heriz.
Weaving rugs is a tradition that has been occurring ever since before our common era. The first documented evidence of an oriental rug was noted between 224 and 641 CE. Many travelers of the past were amazed by the beautiful oriental rugs of their day, because they were, and still are made with advanced weaving techniques. Each and every Oriental rug has a different pattern, weave, and palette which are intrinsically connected to the culture. Generally a pattern that is more floral and formal indicates that it is made in a more urban area. When a pattern has more geometric shapes, then it is generally from a tribe. Many of the common symbols that are found on Oriental rugs indicate some of the following things: faithful marriage, wealth, invincible knowledge, power, happiness, victory, longevity, peace, divine prevention prevention, and long life. Apart from symbols, plant varies and the colors found on Oriental rugs also have significant meaning.

When it comes to the cleaning of an oriental rug, it is best to get the rug cleaned by a professional. Professionals recommend getting Oriental rugs washed every 3 to 5 years in order to prevent the buildup of dirt and soil. In this way, the natural fibers of the rug can be fully restored and the life of the rug will be extended. If an individual has an oriental rug, then it is a good idea for them to do simple maintenance of the rug by vacuuming it, spot cleaning it, flipping it, and rotating it regularly. Oriental rugs are not only accessories to a home, but they are works of art. Since that is the case, an owner of an oriental rug does well to keep their rug cleaned and maintained.

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