Best Ways to Dust Your Home


Dust can add up through the course of time. In fact, during the winter, dust will accumulate to a nasty level. That’s where the term spring cleaning always comes in.
Once the weather breaks, it’s time to dust and rid your home of dust.

What are the best ways to dust your home? You might want to consider which items you’ll be using to dust first. Dusting tools could include microfiber cloths, dusters, polish and gloves.

To alleviate your home of dust, you may need a combination of all of these tools. Doing a thorough job takes times. That’s because dust builds up in tight spots. It didn’t happen over night. It lingers on ceiling fans. It rests comfortably in the hard to reach corners. It’s not an easy job to do accurately. Anyone can just dust the simple surfaces that appear before the eye. To get rid of the real dust, it takes a little moving, a little work and a lot of thought. Careful examination might reveal more dust than what is originally expected.

The first key to dusting is to make sure you have great lighting. You might want to open up those windows or bring a lamp closer to the area in question. It’s all about finding that pesky dust that could perhaps be an allergy attack waiting to happen.

A vacuum usually starts the dusting day. Reach the areas you can with a vacuum. Generally, vacuums have tools that allow you to reach some areas that won’t be damaged by the vacuum dusting tool. You can get the cobwebs off the ceiling. You can reach the corners that might be hard to manage if furniture is so hard to move you can’t do it. You can use the vacuum brush to do the vents. Those are going to be hard to reach no matter what. This is just the warm up.

Next, you’ll need to move some things around. Desks, cabinets, tables and all wood surfaced areas can be dusted with microfiber cloth and water. It won’t damage wood or glass so it’s a perfect item to use. All you need is a little bit of water and whole lot of arm work. There’s also polish available to get it back to the original form.

Glass surfaces need to sprayed with a glass cleaner. Televisions, glass tables and microwaves all need to be carefully wiped down to remove any such dust. Ceiling fans can be cleaned with a flexible duster. It’s also very possible to climb a ladder and use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to get the bulk of dust and grime initially.

Another tool to consider is a face protection mask. Those heavy allergy sufferers might not be able to stomach the dust flying from room to room upon a spring cleaning event.
Regardless of which items you use, the house will be in much better shape once you’ve put a little work in to remove the unwanted dust.  Learn additional techniques and help from a carpet cleaning greenville nc site.


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