Carpet Cleaning Services

Contact us at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners today to learn how technicians can use industrial-strength extraction machines to lift debris such as food stains and pet hair from carpets. While at your home, ask us about making repairs to carpets that have damage such as snags or rips.

We use an innovative cleaning process on carpets and rugs to suction dirt and moisture quickly to avoid damp fibers that cause an odor. Fast cleaning and drying of carpeting allows our customers to begin walking on the surfaces immediately.

Many carpet cleaning companies do not have technicians with training in repairs. However, at Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners, we provide multiple services to make our customer’s lives easier. Instead of needing to call two businesses to clean and repair a carpet, you only need to call us.

Our technicians use eco-friendly and nontoxic cleaning products on carpet fibers before beginning the repair process with heavy-duty sewing machines to stitch rips and edging.

Tupelo Symphony Carpet Cleaners offers a full line of services to make floor coverings look brand-new. In addition to removing debris located deep within a wall-to-wall carpet’s fibers, we can eliminate pet stains and odors. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have a home’s carpets repaired and cleaned the same day.

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