How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies


According to U.S. EPA, a majority of American citizens spend 21 hours indoors either at home or in offices meaning that indoor air quality plays a crucial role in the health of Americans.

Nothing Traps Allergens More Than Your Carpet

If you live in an indoor environment with carpet flooring, the rug that makes your house homey is a super allergen trapper. Carpets can trap allergens in the surrounding air and trigger asthma. The substances that trigger allergies and asthma in your living environment will end up being embedded in your carpet. The harmful substances include:

• Pet dander
• Wood fires
• Charcoal grills
• Dust
• Cockroach and rodents
• Airborne pollen
• Molds
• Cigarette smoke

Allergens in the Carpet

The allergens that cause asthma can become trapped in your rug and end up inflaming your sensitive airways. Having allergens in your carpet may lead to constant sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. Keeping your lovely carpet clean with the appropriate equipment, products, and methods is crucial. If you want to keep your home safe, professional carpet cleaning on at least two times annually is necessary.

What is in your Beautiful Carpet?

Carpets are a source of beauty and aesthetic in your home or office. But your rug is also an intricate mass of fiber in which harmful micro-particles pass through and rest. The micro- particles and asthma causing allergens can work to the disadvantage of asthma sufferers.

Any allergen that gets trapped in the tiny fibers of your carpet lowers the air quality circulating in your room. Eventually, the tiny bronchial irritants will move freely in your rooms. The tiny bronchial irritants can circulate more freely when unsettled by the jumping, running, or the objects dropping on the floor.

With time your family may start to complain of respiratory illnesses that develop into asthma, such as:

• Colds
• Flu
• Sore throats
• Sinus infections
• Pneumonia
• Red, teary, and itchy eyes
• Shortness of breath and tight chest
• Runny and stuffy nose

Professional Removes Allergy and Asthma Triggers

The regular washing of your carpet with the domestic vacuum carpet cleaners may only reduce allergens at the top surface of your rug. But you need to remove the allergens and debris deep down the carpet. The hiring of a professional in Escondido to perform deep carpet cleaning makes your home or office healthier, and can reduce your medical bills, and emergency visits to the doctors.

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