Health and Flooring


You may be wondering about which is better for your home and your family’s health, carpet or hardwood. Well, only you can make that choice, but here are some things for your to consider about each. Both carpet and hardwood can be beautiful, but there are some drawbacks.
Carpets are often treated with chemicals which makes new carpets that have not had the chance to air-out a potential health hazard.

Carpets should always be unrolled for a number of days or a week to help the chemicals to begin to dispel. Also, if there is a spill, carpets and their underneath carpet pads can become damp and grow mold and mildew. This is not the healthiest environment. Dust mites are also a potential issue as they can become stuck in the fibers. Cleaning is also a potential detriment to young children with the threat of Hashimoto’s disease if they are on wet, freshly cleaned carpet due to the chemicals. Dirt can also become trapped in carpet fibers and cause havoc for allergy sufferers.  More Info:

Hardwood, on the other hand, can be slippery after cleaning. Many is the person who has slipped and gotten a goose egg to the head after accidentally slipping on freshly polished hardwood floors. Also, as hardwood wears, it can become scraped, dented, warped, or damaged, and this can make the flooring uneven and a tripping hazard.

Health benefits of carpet may include its cushioning for tumbles of little ones playing or just learning to walk, and health benefits of hardwood include a solid base for one’s footing when not slippery. The hardwood floor can also be beneficial for the health of those who suffer from allergies to dust or pet fur that can become trapped in carpeting. Hardwood floors can be cleaned with natural cleaners that will take away the concern about toxic chemicals that one might have when carpets are commercially or residential cleaned.

The benefits and drawbacks are considerable in evaluating carpet versus hardwood in regard to health. What is most important is that each family evaluate their needs for their flooring in various spaces. How will the space be used? Will small children be roaming the space? How often and with what will the flooring be cleaned? Are there any family members with allergies or stability issues? Both carpet and hardwood offer beauty, but their impact on family health should be taken into account.

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