How To Pack For A Move Like A Pro

When moving, it is important to understand the most efficient way to pack your things. No matter how much stuff you have, these tips can help you pack for the move like a pro.
Start As Soon As You Can

No matter what you do, do not leave your packing for the last minute. That is what causes you to forget things. If you have enough time, start packing. Start packing now if that is what it takes.
Make A Mark

One of the hardest parts of moving is unpacking after everything is said and done. It is difficult to finish unpacking everything in one day, so you will surely need something that has not been unpacked yet. Do yourself a huge favor and label your boxes on all sides so that you can easily identify the contents of the box.
Buy Used Boxes

Or better yet, find some old free boxes that have been used in retail. Boxes can be expensive, so do what you can to avoid these costs. After all, you will be throwing the boxes away after your move anyways.
Strategically Packing

It is nearly impossible to move a big box with heavy items. The best way to pack heavy items is in small boxes. Likewise, pack lighter items into big boxes. Doing this should make moving in less of a hassle.
Another tip would be to never empty out anything that does not need to be emptied out. This is because it will end up using extra time, money, and space. Leave your drawers full when you pack them. You could even use trash bags to pack!
Do Not Fold Your Clothes

Whatever you do, do not fold your clothes if they are already on the hanger. It uses up extra time and space. The best way to pack these would be to lay them out together on top of some other things you have packed, or lined up in a bag. This also saves you the time of folding them only to put them on the hanger again.
Organize In Advance

Make sure you place related items near each other, and keep them that way when you load them onto the truck. Load heavier items into the truck first on the floor. Do not leave light items under heavy items, otherwise they could get crushed.
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