The Importance of hiring an outstanding water damage restoration company and 5 things to look for in a water damage restoration company


Water damage to the family home can be devastating, but add to that having to choose a water restoration company that you can trust to clean up the mess creates an overwhelming situation. A good water restoration company can return the family home quickly to the clean, dry, environment it was before the loss. A bad water restoration company can create a myriad of problems that can lead to increased clean-up times with extensive costs.

When choosing a reputable water restoration company there are 5 qualifications that should be mandatory. A good water restoration technician will be certified. Training for water restoration professionals includes being able to identify moisture sources, evaluation of mold growth sources, and effective clean up procedures. Hiring a technician with an IICRC certification, will ensure the technician has received proper training in effective water restoration procedures.

The water restoration company should offer multiple services for the water clean-up. The water restoration company should be able to not only initiate services to dry the area, but to pro-actively implement mold remediation processes. The area will also need to be cleaned, once the water has been cleaned up, verify the company hired offers this as part of the service.

The company should be available 24/7. Once the call is made the technicians should be dispatched to the home within an hour or two, any longer response time and the risk of mold and permanent damage increases substantially. The clean-up response in the first 36 hours of water intrusion determines how successful the cleanup process will be.

Verify the water restoration company carries adequate liability insurance. The technicians will have to move furniture and possibly pull back wall to wall carpet. If damage occurs during this process, make sure the company has liability coverage that will step in and reimburse the homeowner for the damage.

The most important consideration, when choosing a water restoration company, is not to base the choice on the cheapest option. A reputable company will provide a complete estimate for the clean-up process before it begins. If the process doesn’t include water clean-up, mold remediation, and cleaning of the area, the process will not return the home to its original condition. It would be better to choose another company, then to settle for a service that will leave the home in worse condition then when the process began. Water restoration should be left to the professionals, who have the training and equipment to complete the job to the homeowners satisfaction.  Check out some Air Conditioning Repair Tips to help your home stay cool.

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