When Should I Have My Tile Professionally Cleaned?

Tile is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom floors because it is durable and easy to clean. However, tile does need a little extra care from time to time. Having your tile professionally cleaned helps it last longer and prevents permanent, ground-in stains. Professional tile cleaning also removes the dirt and germs that hide deep within the grooves and grout of the tile, which are not removed with regular sweeping and mopping.

How Often Does Tile Need Professionally Cleaned?

The frequency of professional tile cleanings varies depending on many factors, such as the type of tile you have, the amount of foot traffic on your tile and how often you sweep and mop the tile. Having your tile professionally cleaned once every year is good advice for most homeowners, but homes with pets or small children may need professional cleanings two or three times per year.

What Are Some Signs That My Tile Needs a Professional Cleaning?

Your tile will often tell you when it needs professionally cleaned. If your tile has lost its sheen, looks dull and no longer reflects light, a professional cleaning can restore its luster and make it look new again. You may notice while mopping that your tile has some stains that will not mop away. A professional cleaning can remove these embedded stains. Dirty grout is another sign that your tile could use a professional cleaning.

You should also consider professional Tile Cleaning if you plan to sell your home soon. The service pays for itself because freshly cleaned tile that looks new will fetch a higher price for your property. If you rent houses or apartments, having the tile professionally cleaned between tenants is good practice. Some states have landlord-tenant laws that require professional cleaning of floors.

Can I Rent Equipment and Clean My Own Tile to Save Money?

Some businesses offer professional equipment rental, but the savings are negligible and the risk of damage or personal injury is high when untrained homeowners try to deep clean their own tile. Tile cleaning equipment gets very hot and can easily burn your floors, or worse, your skin.

Professional tile cleaners are not only trained to operate the equipment safely and effectively, but also to evaluate each floor’s specific needs. Different types of tile vary in hardness, porosity and sheen, which means they require different levels of heat and different types of cleaning solution.

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